Komplications – [Da$h] ft. [$ha Hef] & [Man-Z]

Coming off last week’s “JANG JOE Freestyle,” New Jersey rapper Da$h is back with another “#SKREWSDAY” segment titled “Komplications” featuring $Ha Hef and Man-Z. Right off the bat, Da$h comes in with a menacing hook over the hard-hitting production from F12, which is then followed by the trio trading off with gritty verses about the complications that come with their lifestyle. In my opinion, this is easily the hottest track so far in the series, mainly because I had never heard of $ha Hef and Man-Z who I now know can absolutely murder their verses with the best of them. Let’s hope these guys have more songs on the upcoming “Loose Skrews” project, but for now, get familiar with some of New York’s finest and let us know what you thought about it in the comments section.