Know My Rights – [6LACK] ft. [Lil Baby]

6LACK has been making hits for years now, and he never really seems to have a flop from what I’ve seen. That’s not an easy feat to accomplish considering the output of music he produces and he always seems to experiment a bit with different sounds, so the fact that one of these experiments hasn’t fully failed at this point speaks volumes about his immense talents. I had high hopes for his most recent EP 6pc Hot after hearing a couple of the project’s singles, and I was justified in those hopes because he was definitely able to deliver and it’s been in my constant rotation ever since it dropped last week.

The only feature on the entire EP was from fellow ATLien Lil Baby who has been an absolute workhorse himself over the past couple of years, and this track has now received a music video treatment as well. Dreamy, somewhat melancholic synths set the tone for this song before spaced-out, trap percussion, and even more minimal bass comes into the picture, giving a mostly pure foundation for 6LACK to share his thoughts and boast his vocals. While his delivery comes off more as a Rap than his usual singing, there are certain moments throughout where his vocals are layered and are sung slightly more melodious than other parts of the track, showing just how diverse he can sound no matter what style he chooses to use. On the hook, his lines are quick and concise, but his ad-libs add a bit more enthusiasm and life to this portion.

When Lil Baby comes in for his verse, there is a mixture of confidence and swag alongside feelings of angst and passion that all come together for a strange sound that actually fits the aesthetic of the song perfectly. His delivery is as masterful as ever and he doesn’t take too many moments to catch his breath, so the influx of words that are hitting your eardrums are impressive, to say the least. Both artists are never strangers to flexing their lifestyles so, in their lyrics, they boast their successes through their luxurious clothing, exotic trips to foreign countries, and other possessions and happenings that normal people don’t usually get to experience.

The music video begins near a runway at an airport in front of a private jet that 6LACK is using. Footage shows police officers and their dogs sniffing around their bags in search of what’s most likely drugs or weapons, but nothing is found of course. When the beat drops and 6LACK begins singing, though, no one else is in the frame except for the artist who is dancing around and sitting on the steps to the aircraft. Another scene takes us to a dim room that’s only illuminated by some neon lights in the background as the singer and his crew stand around wearing masks. My favorite scene, just because of how interesting I found it, came next. This setting included a room that was lit up by a soft blue light as the walls were covered by newspaper clippings. I’m not sure why this room stuck out so much to me, but I found it interesting and creative for some reason. Unfortunately, Lil Baby isn’t present for the video shoot, but 6LACK takes this time to show off some of his luxurious cars, taking them out and doing donuts in certain shots while other moments show him standing in the middle of two cars spinning around him as he dances around and vibes to the song.

I used to sleep on 6LACK in all honesty for whatever unexplainable reason, but that’s over and done with as of the past few months. His dynamic abilities are abundant as he tries out so many different styles, and what’s even more impressive is the fact that they always work, no matter how risky or out of the box they might seem. When it comes to this video, it met the aesthetic of the song nicely and my only hang-up is the fact that Lil Baby was absent. I just enjoy seeing artists who have songs together meet up and vibe along with one another on their track, but with a schedule as busy as Lil Baby’s, it’s understandable that he might not have been able to make it. 6pc Hot is going to continue to be played on my speakers for the foreseeable future as I’m sure is the case with most other 6LACK fans, so check out the new visual from one of the project’s hit songs “Know My Rights” below.