Klout Chasing – [Lil Queze] x [Ganz]

In the past year Nashville, Tennessee’s rap scene has sprung from anonymity and a sparse local scene into a new formidable outpost for hip-hop fan’s across the southeast, and much of this can be accredited to the youth’s movement, pioneered by Fredo Ruthless, Ganz, TeamLilStraw, and Lil Queze, and while Fredo Ruthless may currently be incarcerated, the rest of the city has picked up the slack. Most recently Ganz and Lil Queze of Street Konnected Everywhere (or SKE for short) teamed up with 615 Films for an incredibly well-edited new visual for their DJ Cash, Smokey Hendrix & DJ Chill produced track “Klout Chasing.”

Lil Queze continues to lead the SKE charge with his unabashed confidence that remains unchanged, even after local police deleted his Instagram ahead of this release. Ganz also is proving himself to be quite the lyricist, but this is not the first time these two have collaborated to make magic. I am very excited to see what each of these artists is capable of next and I would highly recommend tuning into the rap revolution happening in Nashville.