kite – [BabySantana]

With the exception of a handful of well-known names in the music industry, it’s not a very big surprise that hip-hop is a young person’s sport, and it has always been for the most part of its history. While young to some people used to be like 21 to 25, or something in that range, ever since the digital age has emerged, that number has gone down as low as ever, sometimes even including preteens who have bigger followings than seasoned vets.

Well, one gripe I have with these youngsters is the fact that they don’t seem to put quite enough effort into the smaller, less fun things that make a song truly ready to be released because they’re often too focused on their next move. That’s why BabySantana has stood out to me from the moment I heard his music, and nothing has changed ever since. He just seems to try and make an effort to make sure songs are fully complete before he drops them, and I just think that his quality, especially for a kid his age, is leaps and bounds better than most other emcees in his class.

I mean, if you don’t believe this statement, then you need to tap in with his track “kite” because it’s a record that not only brings the energy, but it also comes with a Tiny Tapes-shot music video full of cameos, lively personalities, and enthralling edits that make this record that much better. As for the self-produced instrumental with some help from boys are rolling, Dynox, and Vendr, there is complete organized chaos thanks to crashing percussion and a bubbly yet extremely swift melody.

In turn, Santana speeds up his flows, sometimes to the point where I can’t understand the words he’s spitting, but regardless, he ends up using his vocals as another element within the instrumental, making sure that no matter what he’s saying, it sounds good. BabySantana was all over the stages at the Summer Smash last year, and I can only imagine he’ll be the exact same way this year, or I at least hope, so make sure you don’t sleep on his latest song “kite” and get your tickets to the festival here while you still can!