Kings Field – [Ronin Black]

Nashville, Tennessee artist Ronin Black has been creating at a very high level for many years now, despite never fully receiving the love he deserved from his city at the time, not only making very memorable and politically charged music with striking images to match, but in a greater sense also coordinating shows and in essence controlling the city’s whole scene from the shadows. Ronin’s anger burns so brightly and when you know his story you understand why, his genius permeates out of him and when you are in his presence it is obvious that you’re near someone with huge visions and the tools to help bring them to life. His latest visual for “Kings Field” is a sort of creative-opus for him, putting on first and foremost the best rapping performance we have gotten from him yet as his lyrical abilities are improving rapidly and is finding his gruff sound more and more, clearly drawing influence from obvious mainstream sources like Pop Smoke, but this track to me had much more of a Night Lovell sort of vibe. Visually “Kings Field” is the best work that I have seen come out of Nashville perhaps ever, shot by Eugene and Virtual Hug, but all directed and edited by Ronin, who from video editing to graphic design to even photography is at the top of his city and is a rare breed of renaissance man that are so few and far between in this current era.