King of Englewood – [Fastmoney Ant]

Being from Chicago, I am well aware of the diverse talent pool of artists that we have here in the city, and I am always on the hunt for the next big thing, no matter what they may sound like or whatever genre they’re bringing to life. Obviously, the drill movement here in the Windy City was something that will be talked about for decades considering it played such a part in bringing not only new styles to life but also the real-life experiences of these talents to the forefront, making their narratives as captivating as they were eye-opening.

For a few years, drill was absolutely thriving, but then it seemed as if there were almost too many similarities amongst the up-and-coming drill rappers who more often than not just tried to replicate the sounds of legends like G Herbo, Chief Keef, Lil Bibby, and Lil Durk. This seemed to lead to a renaissance of sorts because this moment in time opened up space for other emcees like Chance, Vic, Mick, Noname, Saba, and others to get their foot in the door with other unique hip-hop offerings.

Although it has been years, I am so excited that it appears as if drill is making a bit of a comeback with a totally individualistic spin that differentiates it from the way it was around a decade ago, and it’s because of hitmakers like Englewood’s very own Fastmoney Ant. Ant may still be working his way up the ranks, but I have yet to hear a record that is anything less than appealing from the rising star, and his latest Diamond Visuals-directed video for his song “King of Englewood” proves his dominance once again.

The song is a hit, which should go without needing to be said, but the video definitely takes things to a new level.  Here, things are divided into three different parts, but as we move on to the next chapter, Ant is playing a game of chess in order to explain how the street life works, which makes a lot of sense considering the first part is called “Life’s a Game”. As he moves the chess pieces, he knocks out different opposing pieces before moments in real life are shown to display how this game goes hand in hand with his experiences in the streets of Englewood.

Ultimately, this metaphorical message continues on until Ant takes the king down, putting the crown on himself in order to declare his reign as the new king. Fastmoney Ant not only makes some incredible music all around, but he does so in a way that is forward-thinking and out-of-the-box, with “King of Englewood” being yet another wonderful addition to his repertoire of hits.