Kinda Simple – [Slowface] [Tail Whip]

One of my favorite elements of music has to be that of connectivity. Especially in the age of the internet, music knows no borders and transcends distance, creating a common ground outlet that listeners from all over the world can appreciate. A perfect example of this is the fact that all morning long, I’ve had “Kinda Simple” by Slowface and Tail Whip on repeat — some kid in a dorm room in the U.S. listening to two artists from Malm√∂, Sweden, all thanks to the magic of a few clicks. Incredible. Anyways, let’s talk about the music here.

Based around an infectious, shouting chorus, “Kinda Simple” is the type of song that etches itself into the audience’s memory after just one listen. From the unique excitement of the pop-induced production here to the sheer catchiness of the flows, there’s no denying the “earworm” characteristic of “Kinda Simple” and its love-minded subject matter. Slowface and Tail Whip maintain a remarkably high level of energy all throughout, and resulting is a track that I’m sure will translate well live, causing sold-out crowds to scream each and every single lyric back at the artists on stage.

That said, these two Swedish talents are certainly worth keeping an eye on, so be sure to check out their new song below!