Killing Us Slowly – [SPIRITSAVER]

It’s starting to feel like every week I’m finding new favorite artists who I was unfamiliar with prior that inspire me in ways that I’d never imagined. Last week blessed me with a ton of new finds and one of those was none other than the duo, SPIRITSAVER. Comprised of Nigerian-Canadian singer, Tajudeen, and Grammy-nominated producer, Zale, SPIRITSAVER is a match made in heaven. A chemistry that you can tell off the bat is unbelievably rare, Tajudeen and Zale compliment each others’ strengths in ways that are sure to move your soul and that chemistry is exactly what’s landed this dynamic duo on the Lyrical page today. 

Released during the tail end of last year, SPIRITSAVER dropped their record “Killing Us Slowly”, and I’m not sure if you can find a song that will have you deeper in your feels if you tried. An emotion-filled record about a relationship that seemed to move too quick, it seems as if Tajudeen was speaking on a romance where the honeymoon phase felt like it had potential to last much longer, but those quick feelings were what ultimately killed the potential. Indeed, “It’s not supposed to hurt like hell”, but it did, and that leads to the great pain he experienced in the loss of this love – “it’s killing us slowly”. A song that most likely started as a ballad that was built out into a beautiful masterpiece, this record transformed into a full-blown experience that’ll make you feel like you’re crying while floating in the sky at the same time. If you haven’t already, please do tap in with SPIRITSAVER, “Killing Us Slowly”, and the video below because these guys deserve your attention and all the love in the world for dropping this heat.