KILL EM FOR ME – [Dro Kenji] ft. [Ka$hdami]

Ka$hdami is a young but industry-changing emcee because while it seems like he may not necessarily be the most flashy or braggadocious artist that the average music listener might think of, I think it’s his confidence that grabs everyone’s attention. I mean, he is typically laid back and chill no matter what song he plays a part in, but he demonstrates such an even-keeled disposition that it’s hard to imagine a world without him playing a major role in the rise of so many young emcees.

Dro Kenji, on the other hand, has been blowing up just as much, but instead of subduing his charisma, he lets his demeanor shine every chance he gets. Whether it’s in his music where he’s belting out passion-filled notes or online where he’s posting pictures of himself living the life of a rockstar, he seems to be built for the life that he has worked for. Somehow, it feels like these two are one in the same, and although their surface-level characteristics might not make this obvious, I just feel like they both portray a similar vibe, and these two on a song was the collaboration that I (and millions of others) have been patiently waiting for. At long last, they teamed up on the song “KILL EM FOR ME” off of Dro’s project ANYWHERE BUT HERE which dropped a little more than a week ago.

After running through this album a handful of times, this song is one that I keep coming back to even if I don’t have the time to listen through the effort in its entirety, so when I realized that I missed out on a Declan Kyle-directed music video for this song, I stopped everything I was doing and had to watch. Within a consistently dark and shadowy setting, Dro and dami lurk around in suits, going from the alleyways to a limousine, sometimes with a lovely and dangerous-looking woman while other moments they can be seen on their own, handling business however they deem fit.

Nothing mind-blowing takes place in this visual in all honesty, but what I love about Dro’s aesthetic is the fact that even his simplicity seems to be engaging so there is nothing negative that can be said about this video or any of his other releases since hitting the scene a few years ago. Just pair him alongside Ka$hdami and magic will be made, and this is some magic that I surely hope continues with more collaborations in the future, but I’ll just keep my fingers crossed until we can confirm more songs between the two industry dominators.