Kill Em All – [Mach-Hommy] [DJ Muggs]

“You just go into the room, and shoot everyone you think needs to be shot.

This is an excerpt of a sample incorporated into the intro track of Mach-Hommy and DJ Muggs’ newest collaborative project, titled Kill Em All, and it’s safe to say that it properly sets the tone.

There’s so much that can be said about Mach-Hommy. Long story short, he’s a legend in the making, and Kill Em All doesn’t do anything to alter that narrative. This is the second collaborative project between him and DJ Muggs in 2019. Back in March, the duo gave us the eerie Tuez-Les Tous, and then Mach-Hommy dropped his all killer, no filler Wop Kon Jòj! just earlier this summer. Being a fan of Mach’s work up until this point, I was pretty highly anticipating this release, especially once I heard that Your Old Droog and Tha God Fahim were featured on the project as well.

“Apollon’s Wheels”, with Droog, proves to be a standout, with a beautifully executed beat by Muggs, along with Mach and Droog expertly trading verses with each other a couple of times. Tha God Fahim is featured on five tracks here, and there’s something to be said about his ability to keep up with Mach from track to track, considering how talented Mach is and the sheer number of tracks Fahim is featured on. “Mozambique Drill”, from Wop Kon Jòj! which I mentioned earlier, featuring Fahim,  is one of my most listened to tracks of the year, so I was ecstatic to hear that Fahim had so much involvement on Kill Em All, and he doesn’t disappoint at all. These two continue to prove themselves as quite the dynamic duo of emcees, considering their styles are so different, but they mesh together nicely. The closer is a perfect example of this, a more aggressive cut with more pronounced drums, and the two match this, rapping their asses off to end the project on a high note. 

Everything on this project comes together well. Mach proves everything that makes him a great MC: impressive lyricism (full of references that I know went over my head on the first couple of listens), a versatile delivery, and great beat choices.  DJ Muggs does a great job with variety within the production: whether it’s the jazz-infused “Force Majeure”, the ominous “Cessna 210”, or the uplifting track “The Omni”, he does a good job giving Mach space to switch up his cadence and subject matter without straying from what makes him a phenomenal rapper. Along with this, despite the variety, great attention to detail on the production side makes for a cohesive listen. 

This is a release you won’t want to miss if you’re a fan of the sound, as Mach-Hommy and DJ Muggs prove how under-appreciated they are once again. Purchase it here and check it out on Spotify down below!