KILL CUPID – [Dro Kenji] ft. [$NOT]

Although $NOT has been achieving mass amounts of recognition and fame over the past year or so, Dro Kenji is an artist that I feel deserves so much more attention than he receives. Either way, I was beyond excited to find out that the two teamed up for their song “KILL CUPID” off of Dro’s latest project Fuck Your Feelings, and after listening in, I was absolutely enthralled. It’s still a song I revisit weekly if not more often, so you can only imagine my excitement when I found out that they decided to drop a brand-new Alex Sarzosa-directed, Tristan Zammit-animated music video for the hit record.

Dro finds himself in the middle of a club in this fully animated world where he hangs out before a lovely lady catches his eye. Instead of approaching her, Cupid sends an arrow in his direction that catches him so off-guard that he goes flying through the club, letting go of his drink which ends up splashing all over the girl, which prompts her to pour her drink all of him and leave him on his own. When $NOT comes in, he holds two pistols in his hands as he is on the hunt for this elusive Cupid character, who actually ends up being portrayed as the villain in a wild turn of events.

When $NOT finally finds him, they proceed to have a shoot-out at one another, but the rapper seems to come up short by the end of this battle when he is shown having multiple arrows sticking out of his body. Later on, Dro wakes up to a text from a girl asking him to be hers, which leads us into a crazy scene where he pulls Cupid’s arrow out of his chest, leading to a display of the original girl he had his eye on. From here, she turns into a giant dinosaur of sorts, chasing him to the edge of a cliff that he jumps off of out of despair, leading us into the next scene. Luckily, in this shot, he gets a second chance at the aforementioned moment in the club, this time just going in for the kiss right off the bat without any hesitancies.

While this is happening, Cupid tries to sneak in and shoot him with an arrow yet again, but he’s prepared this time, shooting the little character out of the air mid-kiss, which allows him to truly connect with this woman the way he wants without any sort of interruptions of impedances. While this isn’t at all what I expected going into the music video for “KILL CUPID”, it is such a great story that combines seamlessly with the record, making it a visual that you need to check out as soon as you find some time. In other news, make sure you check both Dro Kenji and $NOT out this weekend at the Summer Smash because those are two performances you’re definitely not going to want to miss out on.