Chicago might not be known for the various characters that overtake the music world here quite like some of the more interesting and unique artists that can be found out in LA or even New York sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that everyone here does things by the book. When I look back at the different Chi-Town emcees who truly made an impact on me during some of my most formative years in this business, BiGBODYFiJi is the first name that comes to mind. He was just such an innovator and a tastemaker, proving that you can be yourself no matter what others might think, and this is a subliminal message that is found in a variety of genres now from hyperpop to punk rock-inspired hip-hop and everything else in between.

I seriously can’t say that my mind would be even a fraction as open to new and out-of-the-box artists had I not been such a massive fan of FiJi from the jump, but regardless, I’m just glad that I don’t have to imagine this alternate universe. In recent years, at least release-wise, he has been much more elusive than ever, dropping new music much less frequently than he used to, but that just means that every new release is even more special than ever, so you already know I wasn’t going to let his latest two-parter “KiLL BiLL / SOLDiERZ DON’T GO 2 HELL” go to waste, especially when this release comes with an equally amazing music video directed by Mason Burch.

The difference between both parts is completely unheard of because they just shouldn’t work together due to the fact that they’re on opposite spectrums of the hip-hop scale, but somehow they work seamlessly, and I’m not going to question it. In the first song produced by Chase Alex, FiJi muddies up his vocals, mumbling some smooth, confident, and seriously addicting bars that resemble some early Chief Keef, but his personality is on an entirely different wavelength. This only lasts for a bit before he raises his tone in a few different vocal layers that give this captivating echoing sound that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

In the second Jean Klaude-produced portion, you would have no idea that this was FiJi rapping if you weren’t listening to these songs consecutively because his voice is 100% different than it was even just 30 seconds prior. This time around, he boasts a very screechy, raspy delivery that reminds me ever so slightly of a sound that Future used earlier in his career when he was making songs like “Turn On The Lights”, and I am absolutely blown away by not only the creativity but also the execution with how well these two parts came together. BiGBODYFiJi is an anomaly, a trendsetter, a master, and an innovator, and while I wish we had plenty more new music to enjoy from the seasoned local legend, I am more than happy with the way this two-part record turned out, making it something you should listen to as soon as you possibly can.