Kill Bill – [Bigbodyfiji]

Although I’m a huge fan of various different regions within the hip-hop and rap scenes, nothing hits the same as music coming out of Chicago, in my personal opinion. I just feel so much more connected to the artists here, probably because this is the city I call home, but either way, I’m always paying attention to artists releasing new music and I’m definitely one of the first to support if I get the chance. Although Bigbodyfiji might be a name that out of towners could be unfamiliar with, local fans are always supportive and excited about his music no matter what.

Despite the fact that he has taken some breaks in between releases in recent history, it makes me that much more excited to check out his work when I do see something new on his social media platforms and I make sure to peep every single song he drops. Most recently, he’s back with a song called “Kill Bill” that definitely shows a different side of himself, but I couldn’t have enjoyed this listen more than I did after checking it out today.

Those who are familiar with Fiji know that he is typically an artist who likes to get wild and show off his very vibrant personality with some intriguing flows, fun deliveries, and various unique styles that get more appealing with every new release, but this song is one that shows a new side of his artistry, and I’m all here for it.

Produced by Chase Alex, this song opens up with some interesting guitar strums that remind me of the Red Hot Chili Peppers before rattling percussive elements and terse drums enter into the picture, giving him a percussion-heavy foundation to do his thing. When he comes in, his vocals are very pungent and piercing, and although he never really raises his level of enthusiasm, this straightforward delivery is something that I believe works so well with this hard-nosed instrumental.

The autotune on his vocals gives the perfect amount of twang to his words, but the grittiness behind each lyric he spits reminds me of some Chief Keef offerings I’ve heard in the past, and even though this isn’t something I ever expected to hear from the local legend, it’s something that works unbelievably well for him. Bigbodyfiji is never going to be overlooked in the Windy City, and “Kill Bill” is yet another incredible addition to his phenomenal discography, making it a record you’re going to want to check out as soon as you get the chance.