Kid Quill Returns After 4 Years 

Since I have last released a project; Juice WRLD was still alive, Tyrese Haliburton was still in college and Call of Duty Warzone hadn’t even been released.

That being 4 and a half years since my last album, Sunset Diner, came out.

On top of that, one year since I’ve posted anything on social media. In an industry centered around overloading content more than ever, I did the opposite. 

How do I convey what’s been going on, with empathy knowing damn well my problems are the least of the world’s concern. With more podcasts and press outlets than ever, I ultimately knew I’m the only one who can tell this.

Here’s to making up for lost time.

To start, I’m head over heels in love with music. We’ve been in a love/hate relationship, one day it’s the greatest thing to exist, the next I’m about to pack my shit up and leave.

In 2020, COVID jumpstarted this world of virtual creativity. Studio sessions over Zoom. Yadda yadda yadda, you’ve heard every artist talk about that by now. Majority of my sessions consisted with a producer named Kevin Randolph, you’ve heard music he’s worked on before.

As COVID continued and I’m trying to be creatively inspired through an LED screen, it made sense to make a move across country to chase the ideas we were working on.

Pulled up into the new city with my Indiana license plate (still have) and more layers than needed for the weather this place has to offer. That’ll never change, I’m a hoodie person.

Fully furnished, 1 bedroom apartment; a short-term rental to get this album done.

2 months turned into 8 months and I’m sitting in this apartment filled with things I didn’t spend a dime on wondering why it doesn’t feel right. Nothing in there had any meaning to me. I was isolated away from my family, friends, and familiar places. Not taking care of myself, tunnel vision feeling like my clock is ticking.

There was a night I called my dad being a hypochondriac. Happy he was awake because of the time difference. I was freaking out about my health, with no real concrete reason to.

“Have you ever had anxiety?” he asked.

In that moment, the honest answer was no. It’s never something I’ve thought about.

These hypochondriac thoughts grew into a monster. I couldn’t sleep, but when I did I’d wake up to my hands sweating. I decided to start going to therapy, talking once a week for an hour. But still, 24 hours just living in my head, therapy barely helping. 

Maybe work can be a distraction? Quite the opposite.

The confusion in my brain; I’m releasing songs like 90s kids that are having the best commercial success out of anything I’ve ever released, but just like my apartment, everything felt numb. Little to no meaning to me.

I write music about my life, and the goal for the next album was always making music that brought people together. That certainly wasn’t my life so it makes complete sense why nothing was feeling right.

Still pushing through, we performed Lollapalooza. Being from Indiana, this was the mecca of all music festivals for me.

The band begins playing, I’m pacing back and forth backstage thinking “I hope people can’t tell I’m anxious.” I was living through the eyes of everyone else.

Halfway through that set, the fans made me present. Fans and personal connections have meant everything in my artist journey and that’ll never change. I saw through the brain fog, even if it was for 10 minutes, I was where my feet were for the first time in forever.

Kevin was there that day and I told him we have to completely re-cut the album. It was a shell of me.

Easier said than done, after Lolla I’m still returning to an environment built off of anxiety and nicotine lol.

With the dots not connecting, I had no answers for the fans. People wanted the album, I couldn’t give them the album. I had to make changes in my life. I had to start feeling like myself again. Not just for music’s sake, but for my own personal well being. I had no choice but to go silent.

Full on ghost, not even social media on my phone.

Fog slowly cleared, and man do I mean slowly. The album was 90% done for 15 months. I just couldn’t piece it together.  I know we would check the drops every week hoping no one would take the album title haha.

That final 10% came together in January of this year, 2023. In 2 sessions I finished 7 songs that had sat incomplete on my hard drive for years.

We finally put together a project that felt like me, and in reflection, I realized all that life had thrown my way lives in that music still. In the best way possible. All the uncertainty. All the solitude. All the friendships I leaned into during those times. It’s in there. It accounted for that lost time.

And here we are. I began posting, it’s weird thinking about that again but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. The support of me coming back has been unimaginable, I’m not even questioning anything because that’s the confidence I have in this project now.

The first single comes out this week and it’s a song that truly tells this story. I had to tell that first for the closure of that chapter, to start this new one and damn is it good to be back.

With love,