Khlorine – [Sango] ft. [Smino]

There’s nothing more refreshing and uplifting to start the week off than new work from Sango and Smino. Today, these two rising stars are back on our pages to unleash a tropical new, Glassface-directed video for “Khlorine” – a standout track from Sango’s In The Comfort Of album. When I first heard this single earlier this month, Smino and Sango’s inimitable chemistry was the element that truly marked it as a standout release from the beginning. Now revisited after the course of almost an entire month, I still feel the same effects from this chemistry, as Smino seemingly dances overs Sango’s lush instrumentation alongside smooth background vocals. In order to illustrate such a strong sentiment, the video for this one looks to Rio de Janeiro to supply scenes of fresh, green imagery and beautiful scenery, subsequently confirming that, from the song to the visuals, “Khlorine” is a wonderful release. Be sure to check it out for yourself at the link below and if you haven’t already, listen to In The Comfort Of here!