Kevin – [AG Club]

As the saying goes, you learn something new every day, and today, I learned that AG Club stands for Avant Garde Club. There’s actually a lot I don’t know about with regards to this group because I am admittedly late to the party, but this gets me even more excited about tapping in and learning all about them after hearing so much about the acclaimed squad and all of the remarkable things they are doing.

Featuring a total of 14 members across various creative outlets, the Bay Area collective is breaking the mold of what the rest of the world believes is West Coast hip-hop and considering they’re a one-stop-shop for all things music, filmmaking, photography, content, and design, there is not a single facet of this unit that should be ignored. After collaborating with names like A$AP Ferg and NLE Choppa as well as going on tour with icons like Pusha T and Denzel Curry, it seems like there isn’t anyone that doesn’t mess with AG Club, and once you listen to their music, you’ll know exactly why.

Back in June, just about a month ago, the crew put out their Isaac Rose, Niko Oroc, Sam Aether, and Mico Drums-produced song “Kevin” which proved to be an overly enthralling offering that fans have raved about since its release, but now that there is a music video directed by Ivan Collaco of the artistic collection Cajh, it’s even more unignorable than ever before. We open up in a Claymation-filled world that quickly becomes overtaken by a giant version of Jody Fontaine dressed in devilish makeup, and as the people run for their lives, there’s no escaping this torment.

Part two comes before you know it, and this time around, Baby Boy joins a squad of individuals dressed in all-black cloaks wearing white face paint in a dark room, where they seem to remain until a large piece of concrete falls onto them, leaving Baby Boy smiling in an off-putting, psychotic manner. This one is just as creative as fans have come to expect from AG Club, and while I certainly need to get more acquainted with them, this was definitely the wake-up call that I needed to make me a massive fan from the get-go.