Keeper (Pain Is Temporary) – [Perry]

Just when we’re in need of a brand new heater, it seems as if Perry is always there to deliver. Today, the Lyrical Lemonade joins our pages yet again with a brand new single entitled “Keeper (Pain Is Temporary)”. Detailing the emotions that one might feel after a heartbreak, this song is here to embrace the independence and remind us all that no matter how it may feel at the time, pain is temporary. You’ll always get through it, and alongside a melodic instrumental and hard-hitting drums to match, Perry’s passionate vocals show just how much he truly believes this. That being said, “Keeper” is a comforting offering for anyone going through something tough right now, and it’s a must-listen for all fans of Perry to see just how far he has come as both an artist and an individual. Be sure to click play below and let us know what you think in the comments!