Keep It Together-[The Reminders] X [Crl Crll]

If you need something phenomenal to listen to on this Friday afternoon, I’ve got the perfect offering for just for you. Making it on to our pages is a new track called, “Keep It Together” that will be the perfect way to get your weekend started. I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately, which has allowed me to dissect a good amount of tunes, and I’m hype to show ya’ll something that I’m eager to dive in to over the next few days. This song is brought to us by The Reminders, a soulful duo who have the ability to create amazing sounds for just about any fan and tastemaker who genuinely enjoy great sounds.

“Keep It Together” is just a really special vibe and I’ve been having a blast listening to it. From the production all the way down to the unique vocals that penetrate this song, there is really not one miss and I know you all will feel it once ya’ll check it out! What makes this day even better is the fact that they dropped a visual to go along with the song and it’s equally as stunning! I’ve attached the link down below, so please tap in and get familiar with this duo who is bound to take this music stuff by storm!