Keep It On Me – [Luh Mexico] x [Pooh Shiesty]

Both Memphis and Birmingham respectively have watched their cities’ rap scenes transform from a phenomenon unique to the streets and youth culture in their cities as a whole but as the star power of Alabama and Memphis artists grows it is only a matter of time until these places capture more nationwide attention. Yesterday Birmingham’s Luh Mexico teamed up with Memphis’ Pooh Shiesty for a new glittery and menacing Barnotez-produced track titled “Keep It On Me” which Shiesty opens by walking all over this bouncy instrumental with his characteristically grimy bars and distinct southern drawl that has endeared him to so many. Mexico slides in after this with a verse of his own, rapping a mile a minute but his gruff and raspy voice helps slow this down in a way although he continues to flow fast and the verbal gymnastics he is able to perform show the innate talent that Luh Mexico has shown to this point to get so much of Birmingham behind him. It is going to be interesting to see who else Luh Mexico collaborates with down the road and I am excited to hear him continue to find his voice and style as an artist because the sky is sincerely the limit for Mexico.