Keep in Touch – [Armani White]

One of the most inspiring artists to rise out of West Philly in the past year is Armani White, the rapper filled with life that brings incredibly positive energy to his music and the results show just that on his recent album Keep in Touch. As an artist that has been able to utilize the rough upbringing he had into his music and bring incredible raw emotion and passion behind each of his songs. This EP is incredibly bright and really is a mood uplifter for any listener, beginning with the intro track 2018’s “Onederful” which clearly feels inspired by the work of Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment out of Chicago.

This project serves as Armani’s debut and a strong one at that. He took a break from his music after the passing of his father, he dedicated the album to him and where the name Keep in Touch comes from. This level of emotion and personability is what really allows listeners to connect with his music. Even if you have never experienced what Armani has, his lyrics have the power to bring you into that mindset and connect it with events in your own life. Truly music that can uplift the spirit in times of disarray.

The production throughout the project lets Armani White flex every inch of his vocal talent, switching between quick spitting lyrics on “Saywhaat / Long Car Ride” to soulful slow jams like “Black Oak Park”. White really brings fans behind the curtain by diving into his personal journey, recounting it all on the outro “Thanksgiving”. This entire project seems like a triumphant collection of an extremely talented artist’s trials and tribulations. Hoepfully anybody who listens can pull as much personal connection to this record as Armani intended, as its hard to feel down as the EP plays out.

Listen to Keep in Touch below!