Keep Dissing 2 – [Real Boston Richey] & [Lil Durk]

Florida has been a hotbed for some of the hottest artists in the game for the past few years. The influences that go into their music and the environment in that wild state present for some of the most unique rappers in the game right now. Today we have a massive co-sign from one of Florida’s hottest up and comers who goes by the name Real Boston Richey. His track “Keep Dissing” has been on my playlist for weeks and it seems like the industry is beginning to wake up to one of the hardest artists to appear in 2022. Lil Durk has been linked with Richey in Florida, so a remix was not out of the blue but is still a massive nod to the talent Real Boston Richey has. Smurkio doesn’t hop on a remix for just anybody.

What makes the Tallahassee native stand out is the beat selection he uses, not typical of an artist coming out of Florida but being able to use his lyrics to bridge styles with ease. This is likely the reason why Durk is able to so easily blend in on the string-heavy beat that you would not to expect to come from down south. This is the first of many co-signs coming for an artist that seems to have everything set up for a massive year. Don’t be surprised if you hear “Keep Dissing 2” at every function you attend this summer, it has that kind of power.

Listen to “Keep Dissing 2” below!