Keep Da K / Coupe – [Bktherula]

Atlanta has always been a breeding ground for insanely talented and multifaceted artists in the hip-hop world, and in the modern-day music business, this is often the first place fans look for new music to listen to. Over the past few years, Bktherula has been making insane waves throughout the country thanks to her vivacious personality, unique sound, and captivating personality, all of which come alive in every song she drops whether it’s a high energy banger or a lowkey, ambient ballad.

No matter what vibe she brings to the forefront of a specific song, she has become notorious for being one of the most imaginative and creative emcees in the game, and while I believe she deserves so much more recognition for the indescribable songs she has brought to life, I think it’s only a matter of time before the masses realize they’re behind the curve. At least icons like Lil Tecca recognizes her greatness because he decided to bring her along on his Tecca Loves You nationwide tour that kicks off at the end of this month in her home city of Atlanta, and I truly hope I can pop out at their stop here in Chicago on the 18th of April.

The other thing about Bk is the fact that she is such a hardworking emcee, and that streak continues with her latest two-pack of songs “Keep Da K” and “Coupe”. The first record is produced by Lean Sama who includes relaxing yet optimistic synths alongside a myriad of percussive elements and shadowy, pungent 808s. Bk has such a serene flow in this as she seems to interrupt certain lines with other bars, some of which are quicker than others, but no matter what speed she opts to go with, the melodious quality of her natural delivery is always more than apparent.

In the Simmy Auto-produced “Coupe”, things are kept in a similar lane as its predecessor, but this one almost seems to be a bit dreamier as if you’re floating in the clouds and daydreaming for hours on end, even though the record itself barely spans more than two minutes. Her flow is similarly hasty, but she seems to let each line breathe for a second longer than in the prior track, letting the last word of each bar echo off into the distance in order to elevate the tranquil vibe of this song. Both “Keep Da K” and “Coupe” are insanely fantastic records, and although I am excited to see what else Bk has in store for us moving forward, I will definitely be bumping these two records regularly for the foreseeable future and beyond.