Keep All That – [Rich Amiri]

It’s not often that an artist who already has a notable following comes across my radar without me knowing about them. Not to say that I am hip to every single artist in the industry, but if they have a style and talent that aligns closely with other musicians that I listen to, I feel like I have typically heard at least a song or two by them at some point or another. One of the few exceptions is Rich Amiri, a Boston emcee who I just found out about a few months back, and I have been absolutely obsessed with ever since.

I am just shocked that I had never listened to his music prior to recently because his normally rage-influenced style clashes right in line with the other rappers that I listen to quite often, and his versatility is something that helped him stand out amongst my playlist with every additional song he put out. There is just something about his deep voice that glides over the heavy 808s and electronic synths that speeds up my heartbeat, and I don’t think a day has gone by where I haven’t listened to at least one of his songs.

The streak continues with the release of his latest single “Keep All That”, but it’s such a change of pace that it almost feels like I’m listening to someone totally different. The Rio Leyva, CD, Jakik, and Kiri-produced track is more closely aligned to R&B rather than rage, creating this almost 180-degree switch that I wasn’t expecting, but appreciate all the more. As he sings, his voice contains this autotune that feels sacrilegious, but it adds the perfect sparkle to really make this his own and bring his normally hyper-energetic style back down to Earth.

Aside from that, his lines are just so charming and buttery, so even though it’s a song about letting a love interest go and moving on, it feels like it’s a ballad of desire and yearning. I am constantly blown away by Rich Amiri’s ability to try something new and execute these experiments with affluence, so if you’re a fan of Boston’s hottest emcee right now, this is one track that you simply can’t overlook.