heaven – [Kanoa]

I can’t say that I remember ever covering an artist from Hawaii, but the end of this month feels like a time for great change which might just prompt the start of my musical exploration into the land of 137 islands. Although it might be known for its stunning beaches and rich culture, today we’re taking a detour into what matters most to us here at Lyrical – the music. Originally covered on the site back in 2020 for his EP, “Zzz”, a new era of the Maui-raised artist, Kanoa, has arrived and I refuse to let anyone sleep on what he’s got brewing. After grabbing my attention by storm when I heard the record for the first a few weeks ago, covering the new Kanoa single was a must for me, so I’m elated to welcome him back on the site today. 

In comes “heaven” – Kanoa’s first single in three years and exactly what you need to be playing through your headphones on this lovely Saturday afternoon. A mix of hip-hop with some slight pop influences, there’s clearly been some tremendous growth from Kanoa since we last heard from him. Now based in Texas, Kanoa’s change in scenery might’ve led to an influx of new influences and inspirations as we hear a much more refined version of his sound in “heaven” while still staying true to the raw edge that perforates in his creative expression. Rapping overtop of an instrumental made up of bouncey synth keys, tasteful hi-hats,  and timely drums, Kanoa incorporates a multitude of unorthodox sounds to make for a record that is sure to catch you by surprise. The perfect sayonara to the end of summer, in “heaven” Kanoa proves that his silence from the release circle over the past few years was well worth the wait. If you haven’t already, be sure to check it out below!