Kame In – [D Savage]

When talking about California’s rap scene right now, it’s nearly impossible not to mention the catalog of hits that LA-based artist D Savage is putting together right now. From “I Know” to “30 Round Clip”, he’s gearing up to take over in 2018, and with his latest offering, “Kame In”, to lead the way, things are definitely looking up for this rising talent. Poised with the same intoxicating flows and hypnotic cadences that gravitated fans toward his name in the first place, D Savage’s latest single acts as the perfect introduction to his style. It’s relaxed yet aggressive, taking a hand from the sparkling melodies courtesy of Florida producer Stoopid Xool to take this track to the next level. Mix this melodic feel with the charismatic touch that Savage always comes to the mic with, and you have a memorable track to keep on repeat for the months to come. If you weren’t already hip, get introduced to one of LA’s top runners by listening to “Kame In” below.