kamasutra – [DOGHOUSE]

At one point or another, every great artist has to start at ground zero and introduce their artist project to the world. Today, I’m able to assist with the introduction of the captivating New York-based DJ duo, DOGHOUSE, who have pulled out all of the stops for their highly-anticipated debut. While the metaphorical “dog house” that our parent, teacher, or partner puts us in is basically unavoidable, the new usage for “DOGHOUSE” has a bit more of a friendly connotation to it and will not be something you’ll want to avoid. Made up of collaborators, Ser Amari and Tbreck, the two creatives came prepared to share a glimpse of their innovative musical spirit with the world today and their new single is a bi-product of exactly that. 

I’m not necessarily known for covering dance music, but when I find a record that blends outside influences to create a more experimental piece of art, then I’m much more likely to get behind it. As in the case of DOGHOUSE’s debut single, “kamasutra”, the group have created their own lane with the “hip-house” genre which brings together a plethora of creative influences. For me, the record is underground and experimental enough to feel fresh, but still holds enough mainstream appeal to be able to push the music to wider-audiences. Venturing into uncharted territory with earwormy melodies in the production throughout, a whomping bassline, and a diverse selection of vocal effects, “kamasutra’ is a calculated risk that plays into the strengths of both of the forward-thinking group members. Full of bars and some mind-boggling sound design, “kamasutra” is the perfect introduction to DOGHOUSE and I’m thrilled for you all to check it out using the streaming link below!