JUSTICEXAVIER – [justicexavier]

You know that when someone comes out with the self-titled album early on in their career that it’s going to be fire because you can’t drop a self-titled album without being 100% confident that it’s the best music you’ve got. Typing in from New York City today, I looked across the state line over to New Jersey to find the artist I’m highlighting today and it’s a good thing I did because we will all be benefiting from having this rising artist in our rotation. At just 20 years old, Jersey rapper, justicexavier, is turning heads across different social platforms and building quite the steady fanbase for an artist who didn’t even start releasing music until 2021. Although I’m slightly late to the party, good music deserves as much love as it can get, so no expiration date was going to stop me from chatting about justicexavier’s new album, “JUSTICEXAVIER”, today. 

Dropped on January 6th, “JUSTICEXAVIER”, has all the different twists and turns within it that you’d need out of a project to keep it interesting while also cohesive at the same time. Produced by his long-time friend and sole producer, Liam Taylor, “JUSTICEXAVIER”, brings a level of dynamics to the table that we only hear from maybe a handful of artists who are around Justice’s size. Take “A LETTER TO MY FATHER” for example, this record starts out relatively calm, turns on a different level of energy at around the 0:50 second mark, and then the beat switches up yet again and justicexavier takes it down a whole other stylistic route. Highlighted by previously released records such as “CAN’T BE ALONE” and “SIX DIMES”, I also found myself falling in love with some of the more relaxed records such as “MIMA”, “WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME”, and the outro, “SHINE AGAIN”, which tend to place focus on impactful storylines and subject matters. For just being 20 years old, you can tell through his storytelling ability and unique cadences that justicexavier has a boatload of potential and a really good head on his shoulders that is going to serve him well down the line. That said, it’s about time that you all dig into this one for yourselves, so go give, “JUSTICEXAVIER”, the time and attention it deserves because this one is a heater!