Just Wanna Have Fun – [Senses]

As pop music progresses further and further into this still-undefined world that it is working to create – artist by artists and style by style – it is important to consider each and every factor that these aforementioned artists have contributed toward its very rise in the first place. With so many different lanes all leading towards the same stable concept that the genre of pop represents, it’s integral to examine even the most subtle of influences when looking towards the future of this genre in particular.

And as far as pop music’s tendencies towards jovial, futuristic, and almost-transcendental facets are concerned, practically no one has made themselves more of an influential force in this light than Senses has over recent times. The status that Senses holds is one of mystique, yet familiarity all the same — with their characteristic vocals that are equally cutesy as they are impressive, along with their anonymous aesthetic that only works towards building the character that they so effortlessly portray within each and every one of their songs. 

Their most recent track “Just Wanna Have Fun” is yet another outstanding addition to a discography that simply needs no introduction to those in the know. It works to accomplish the same goals as the rest of their songs do, but in another one-of-a-kind manner that only they could ever come through with.

Those signature vocals are put on full display yet again on this track, and even though Senses truly never strays too far away from this wholly unique vocal approach, the fact that its sheer appeal and impressiveness never fail to make themselves apparent keep it from ever getting old or even the least bit tired.

This style is placed over a booming instrumental provided by Karasu and Cozin — with the two constructing a beat made perfectly for the approach Senses never fails to capitalize upon with each successive offering. It’s a background feature that is as clear as it is deconstructed and robotic with its static percussion and humming low-end, again making for a beat ideally tailored to the artist in question. 

Though this is a tellingly familiar place for Senses to be in, that does not make the track any less remarkable in itself. A million more songs in this now-unmatched style that they have worked to create, define, and master stand atop even the best of what pop music has to offer across the board, regardless of their level of prominence. That fact alone proves Senses’s often underappreciated, yet undeniably influential place amongst the next era that this genre is sprinting towards.