Just the Same – [Big Gigantic] [Vic Mensa] & [Mick Jenkins]

If I’m being completely honest, dance music hasn’t always been a genre that I find myself leaning towards listening to in my own free time, but as the years have gone on there are definitely some artists that I thoroughly enjoy and will tap in with every now and then. One duo that seems to be one of the most legendary dance tag teams in the entire history of the genre is Big Gigantic, a Colorado-based pair of incredibly talented musicians who have blended a variety of styles together to form an upbeat, energetic sound that is more individualistic to them than any other sounds I can think of.

Although I may not necessarily listen to them religiously by any means, I saw a press release that was sent to my email regarding a new single entitled “Just the Same”, and while I was intrigued, I’d be lying if I said I would’ve opened it had I not seen the fact that both Vic Mensa and Mick Jenkins were included on this record. I’m glad I tuned in, though, because the instrumental is very reminiscent of the early, soulful sounds that Mick and Vic used to make when they first started to blow up, so it was honestly so nostalgic to hear fresh verses on a classic style.

Obviously, both emcees kill it and prove that even after all of the massive success that they’ve seen throughout their journeys in this industry, they can go back to their roots and bring their lyrical dominance to the forefront no matter when or where they are in their careers. It goes without saying that Vic and Mic are two Chicago legends, and with a masterful foundation built by Big Gigantic on “Just the Same”, I can’t imagine a better anthem as the weather starts to brighten up.