Just Hit Me – [BlueBucksClan]

I absolutely love how depending on the mood I’m in or what I feel like listening to, I can just check out different regions of the country in order to get an entirely different vibe. It’s almost like taking a tour of the country, and although I’m in the comfort of my room at home, I can see completely different scenes based on what is playing through my speakers.

When I feel like turning up or listening to something that is going to inject me with energy, I know that there isn’t any other place that I should look besides the West Coast, and although this is one of my favorite regions in the business, Los Angeles rap duo BlueBucksClan are two emcees who have laid low on my personal radar up until a few months ago. Ever since I tapped in, I knew that they weren’t going to go anywhere but up, and while their March EP See the Difference was spectacular, I was itching for some new music.

Insert “Just Hit Me”, the tag team’s brand-new release that hit the spot and filled the void that was missing new music from DJ and Jeeezy Obama. Produced by Ten11, Resource, and E-Choice, this one contains a relatively familiar piano-driven instrumental with a bouncy rhythm and an undeniable melody that these two trade-off verses effortlessly on. They kind of remind me of some Detroit emcees in the game right now because they don’t lean on vocal effects or alterations to sound good, but rather know their aptitudes and exploit those every chance they get.

This effortless swagger that comes to life in their music continues in the LewisYouNasty-directed video that accompanies it because whether they’re performing at shows, hanging out in the mall, or whipping around in their luxurious whips, no one even attempts to steal their spotlight because they know it’s simply impossible. BlueBucksClan is here to stay, and “Just Hit Me” is yet another addition to their streak of bangers, so make sure you don’t sleep on this one if you love the West Coast scene even a fraction as much as I do.