Just Breathe – [itoldLexi]

itoldLexi is an artist out of Chicago who I have been a fan of for about five years now, she’s a multi-talented singer who is back on our website today with her brand new offering called “Just Breathe”. Since I have known her, itoldLexi has been pretty inconsistent with releasing music, mainly because she was busy finishing up her college degree. However, 2021 is looking to be a huge year for her musically, and it seemed like she is gearing up for multiple releases + a potential project. Lexi recently signed a deal with Preach Records, so I am hoping that they can assist her in certain areas + help her become the superstar that I know that she can be. This new release is sensational, to say the least, it’s already almost her most streamed song to date, and it’s only been out for less than a week. I highly suggest that you get familiar with Lexi below, especially if you are a fan of the Chicago music scene, enjoy!