Just Announced: Amari H. Smith Presents ChiAwards

Following the success of his previous event “ChiGala” Amari H. Smith has taken to the ABC network to announce his next event ChiAwards. This event gives direct recognition to fellow Chicago creatives; it will function similarly to that of the MTV/BET awards. On the night of the show one can expect a in-depth experience from before the show starts to the end of the after function. ChiAwards itself will showcase rising artist/creatives in an award show format with additional entertainment/special guest that we aren’t allowed to make public yet. The experience begins on a website that belongs to a photographer/creative by the name of SydFalls. Once there, one has to RSVP and explore a plethora of abstract visual concepts. Amari has consistently thrown outstanding fashion shows with his KeepYa team; as well as a previous award show titled “KeepYaAwards” which was supported by Nike Chicago. ChiAwards will mark Amari’s 7th event, he has consistently brought his vision to life and positively impacted the Chicago arts community. Amari has began building a rapidly growing movement which he is calling the “Nu Chicago” which is aimed to spotlight the “other” side of Chicago that the world has no clue about. The birth of the Nu Chicago is among us.