Jungle Life – [DCG Shun] & [DCG Bsavv]

Chicago is one of those places that’s known for a few things. Outsiders look at it as a city built on sports, hot dogs, deep dish pizza, and Italian beef. While this is true to an extent, it’s also so much more than that, but only the locals seem to understand this fact.

As a music fan growing up here, the drill scene took over such a prominent part of my life that I feel like it deserves to be included in that aforementioned list of things we’re known for, and although it seemed like there was a moment where this subgenre began to waiver or not be as impactful as it once was, people like the DCG brothers are here to breathe such new, entertaining life into it that there’s no denying its revival is in full force.

They just take such a different approach when compared to other legends who came before them, and that’s why new releases like their latest record “Jungle Life” are so essential. Produced by their go-to hitmaker Spank on da Beat, this is actually a cut from their project of the same name, so the No More Heroes-directed music video is here to bring the party back around and continue the fun that these two brothers never seem to quit having.

Although this video isn’t quite as wild as some of their other flicks, it brings their crew out to the city yet again as they take over the streets, playgrounds, and anywhere else that they can cause a ruckus like only they know how. I mean it when I say that you don’t want to miss out on anything that this duo releases because it’s always insanely addicting, so the same goes for the music video for “Jungle Life” without a doubt.