June 30th-[T-Wade]

Tucson, Arizona rapper, T-Wade always seems to drop in on our pages at the times that are most needed. During a time of civil unrest and social injustice, our Nation is desperate for some form of explanation and some type of salvation to deliver us from the dreadful reality that we’re living in today. Everyone is searching for answers…including artists; and for the past few weeks it’s been inspiring to see creatives use their talents and platform to touch on the subjects that need to be touched on in order to work towards healing.

In his brand new song, “June 30th”, T-Wade does just that as he raps about the state of the world along with the emotions and feelings that he has been wrestling with. Personal reflection is important during times like this. If you find it hard to bring to the surface any hurt or pain, T-Wade lays the blueprint for how to do so. Throughout the verses, he puts it all out there…withholding nothing and refusing to leave anything up for interpretation. The straightforwardness of addressing the social issues in our society is something we need to always encourage and “June 30th” serves as a vehicle for that to be achieved.

This song is delicate, yet raw…thoughtful, yet blunt…beautiful, yet heartbreaking. Although those words are contradictions in themselves, T-Wade manages to fully encapsulate every emotion that a black man in America may be feeling with empathy but also challenges other listeners to act rather than sit back idle. This song is much more than a passive observation of our world, but rather a call to action and a call to truly reflect on where we are at. I was able to grab a quote from T-Wade about this song. I asked him to share anything that he feels is relevant and he explained:

“Will ANYTHING I/we do to advocate for ourselves matter?! Of course it does. But does it? 

“People tryna Trump each other; Or they tryna abide in (Biden) Systems that always fail”…it’s clear people are putting their hope in these two men, and they both have and will fail us. And it’s disgusting to watch the division.

“We tired of headlines. And watching moms cry. And watching souls die. WE WATCHING SOULS DIE”…I can’t believe we are literally watching people die on National television. With ease. How did we become so desensitized? How is this normal on a basic level, but indefinitely normal in the black community.”

That right there says it all. T-Wade has given us a piece that precisely touches on everything that needs to be discussed. Any artist who uses their talents to address what really matters is doing a service to our society and its a blessing to share this with you all this morning. I’ve attached “June 30th” down below. Don’t just listen to it. Allow it to change you. Experience it…