Jumpin! – [Autumn!]

The underground music scene is full of characters, and one of the craziest things to me is the fact that there are different levels of reach for so many of these artists. Some might be revered as some of the most iconic names all over the world while others are local legends that have a fanbase full of die-hard listeners, but they just haven’t spanned across the country quite yet.

As for Autumn!, he has definitely transcended the locality of his home in Louisiana to nationwide fame, and when you listen to any one of his songs, it should be pretty obvious as to why. His personality is always showstopping while his flows are very intricate and unique, and that is no different in his song “Jumpin!” which serves as the third single from his forthcoming album Antagonist! and features energetic, up-tempo production from Rio Leyva of Internet Money.

If you know anything about Autumn!, you should understand the fact that he never puts anything out unless it’s a hit, and DotComNirvan goes by the same set of parameters, so when these two phenoms teamed up to shoot a music video for the single, it was definitely at the top of my priority list.

One of the most intriguing parts of this video is the fact that it is encapsulated inside of an oval frame for the entire thing, something that isn’t necessarily mind-blowing but also something that I’ve never seen done before, making it yet another innovation on Nirvan’s resume. Aside from this, there is a plethora of rapid shots, mesmerizing effects, and super clean scenes that come together perfectly. I genuinely didn’t think that this song could get any better until I saw the visual, making it something you need to peep as soon as you possibly can.