Jump – [Sansone]

After taking a bit of time off to perfect his craft, Chicago’s very own Sansone is back and better than ever with his latest music video for his remarkable song “Jump”. Although this record has been out for a few weeks, at this point, he has been teasing the visual ever since, and now that it’s in our hands, I can say with the utmost certainty that it was well worth the wait.

As for the song itself, he teamed up with Dreamos to produce this hit, utilizing momentous, impactful synths of some sort that are elevated by crisp, succinct percussive elements and strong, powerful drums that all combine for a wonderfully authoritative foundation that helps Sansone deliver his insistent, desirable bars. As he begins to spit, he offers up some singular simplistic lines coupled with a second half of each bar that ties everything together for a sort of call and response delivery.

While some of his words come through in a nonchalant, humble manner, others are spoken with such force and dynamism that they capture your attention and keep you entertained throughout the entire track. He constantly rotates through his variety of flows which not only shows off his versatility, but it displays so many of the various aptitudes that are sure to make him stand out in the very competitive landscape that surrounds Rap music.

On the hook, he repeats the fact that he needs to pretty much take a leap of faith as ad-libs in the background respond back in a much more intense, passionate fashion that juxtaposes his other, more relaxed disposition. In the second verse, he stretches his lines out slightly more while utilizing some very subtle vocal effects that complement his message flawlessly before one final hook leads us out of the track.

When it comes to the Bradley Dunn-directed music video that accompanies this record, Sansone takes his talents to Los Angeles where he ventures out into the more barren desert on the outskirts of the city. Although this setting isn’t necessarily uncommon in music videos, he truly does an amazing job of making it his own as to stick out from other artists who might’ve shot visuals in similar settings in the past.

Certain scenes show him on top of rock piles or standing on hills in the distance as the clouds in the sky are sped up, zooming past him in the distance much faster than they would in real-life. Another reoccurring setting shows him sitting in the middle of an airplane seat that might’ve been extracted from some sort of plane crash once upon a time. Another compelling scene shows him looking at some sort of window in the sand, but an effect is used to make it appear as if this is a mirror that he’s looking into as the bright blue sky above him zooms past yet again.

The shaky camera work and bouncing effects truly elevate the vigor and passion behind his vivacious delivery, adding some haste to the already prevailing record. Through the entire video, whether he’s cruising around while hanging out of a jeep or walking around the landscape, he keeps a smile on his face which not only shows off his personality but also proves the fact that despite his obvious desire to make it in the industry, he’s making sure to have fun and enjoy the journey every single step of the way.

Sansone has been on my radar for a few years at this point, and after his brief hiatus, I can tell that he’s a new artist. He has always taken his music seriously, but the quality and attention to detail he has reintroduced into his songs are definitely going to go a long way. As long as he stays true to himself, which is something I know he’ll do, and he continues to pump out content like this, I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll go places in the Rap scene. In the description of the video, it states that this is the first single off of his debut album that’s going to drop next year, and while the wait to see what else he has in store might be slightly lengthy, I know he’ll be grinding every day to put his all into the project, so I’m looking forward to the results. Although many of you might be unfamiliar with the rising talent, I highly suggest you get in on the ground floor and check out Sansone’s newest music video for his magnificent song “Jump”.