july – [dyl dion]

Marking his second musical offering of the year, dyl dion is back and better than ever with his new single, “july”. Released just last week on July 27th, the song’s name might lead you to believe that it’s time has passed already, but in reality it was truly meant to be spun the most in the month of August. Yet another indie-pop anthem from the teenager from Wilmington, NC who’s making music out of his childhood bedroom, “july” and dyl’s rise to prominence within the indie music world are about as wholesome as it gets. Produced by Michael Harrison, the fellow-teenager leaned into some acoustic guitar and up-tempo drums to build out the instrumental for “july”, laying the foundation for a bold change in sonic direction for the beach town native, dyl. Accompanying the production with his ultimate sauce, dyl’s one of one vocals take center stage throughout the single as his ear candy-like BGVs compliment them as a tasteful accent. 

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