Julian, king of manhattan – [renforshort]

Music has been around for way too long for artists to not get some sort of inspiration or influence from those that came before them, so when there are certain people who deny their idols just to try and prove to others that they’re one of a kind, I think everyone knows that they’re just not quite telling the truth. In fact, I feel like I respect someone a hell of a lot more when they not only share their favorite musicians, but they pay homage to them because it shows that they’re not only respecting the careers that these inspirations have built before them, but they want to show appreciation for helping them find their own voice as well.

As renforshort starts to build momentum for her upcoming album dear amelia which is set to release later this week, I was thrilled to find out that she released another immaculate single called “Julian, king of manhattan”. As she has done for every other single, thankfully, ren took to Instagram to share what this song is all about and mentions how it pays homage to Julian Casablancas, the lead singer of The Strokes, which is a band that she states is one of the most influential bands in the world to her, and the end product is something of pure magic.

The Jeff Hazin and Pom Pom-produced instrumental is so soothing but also filled with character, and this is a description that I could use for the way ren shares her admiration as well because it is just so heartfelt yet masterful at the same time. The story she tells is creative and splendid, but it’s her truly unique vocals that always have me in shock at just how inimitably individualistic she is as a musician.

Her upcoming project is sure to be filled with even more personality and charisma, so while I can’t wait for that to release, I have to warn you to buckle up because I am about to go on an absolute rampage writing about the album and hopefully all of the visuals that will come along with it afterward, so just know that if you’re somehow not tapped in with renforshort already, you certainly will be by the time this project’s unveiling is over with.