Jordan vs Jackson (Like Mike) – [Eiigo Groove]

Hearing about a new song or artist from someone in person versus on the internet makes the discovery feel that much more organic. At a party this weekend, someone mentioned I should check out a rapper from Chicago named Eiigo Groove. I immediately typed his name into Soundcloud and played his latest song, trying to drown out all the other noise around me at the time while holding my phone up to my ear. Although listening conditions were far from optimal, the track still stuck, and after hearing it again in the peace of my own room, it became apparent that this rapper who I previously hadn’t heard of was on to something.

Eiigo Groove’s “Jordan vs Jackson (Like Mike)” seems to pit the two legendary Mike’s toe-to-toe, and along the way, the Chicago artist turns the track into a come-up anthem of sorts. He raps about aspirations and hustle with a fresh sense of ferociousness, offering listener’s a quick spitfire of a track that shows a whole lot of promise in the process. The booming production fits his flows with drums that crash to the punches of his tongue-twisting cadences. He puts full conviction into everything he says, making sure every line hits with veracity. With only 4 other tracks currently on his Soundcloud page spanning 3 years, there isn’t a whole lot to dig around, but the material he does have out is consistently impressive.  This might be the first I’ve heard of Eiigo Groove, and by the looks of it, this most likely won’t be the last.