Joony drops his much-awaited album “MEMENTO.”

I’ve now covered DMV great and rising superstar Joony a half-dozen times or so, and the growth I’ve seen is unbelievable. MEMENTO is making a run for one of my favorite projects of the year.

Comprised of 10 tracks (including three interludes),  MEMENTO feels like the project that catapults Joony into celebrity status. The professional sound, creativity, production, and effort is all obvious from top to bottom – something I saw glimpses of early on, but has now become the norm for him as of recent. It might not be the longest project, but the flawless interweaving of tracks and interludes make this joint feel incredibly cohesive, all while offering listeners a spectrum of different sound & delivery with every piece.

With no exaggeration, I feel like I could save all seven full songs on this project to my library, with each one offering a different feel or trait than the last. I think, after my second full listen, “NEED IT” grabbed my attention the most, with an exceptional beat that had me locked in from the jump, and a hook that let that beat breathe whilst also portraying Joony’s unique vocal ability. Additionally, songs with features from Tony Shhnow on “CLASSY” (accompanying visual just dropped here) and Lancey Foux on “3M” both had me rocking out at 8:30am. Perfect features, and perfect styles of song to complement each artist. Finishing the project with “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” was definitely the play. A comprehensive, reflective track that feels like it belongs in the last slot of an album. The slower-paced, ethereal instrumental let Joony do what he does best, and puts to rest any ideas the listener may have about not listening to the project through another time.

I’m sure the content rollout is far from over with this project, so I’m excited to see more media surrounding it.  I’m expecting a massive hip-hop community response, as deserved. I’ve got like four homies listening as we speak. Check out “MEMENTO,” now.