Jones Peak – [BONES] & [Eddy Baker]

BONES has been a legend in the hip-hop world for pretty much a decade or more. Eddy Baker has been in a closely aligned circle for just about the same amount of time, and while I don’t listen to him as much, to be completely honest, I respect him and his grind just as much. Prior to hitting the road on their “InLovingMemory” Tour alongside fellow hitmaker Xavier Wulf, the duo is back with their newest project, Jones Peak, and I couldn’t be more entranced by the range of styles they delve into. The effort is a genre-bending masterpiece that showcases both emcees’ changeability and imagination, getting its name from a popular hiking spot in California. With 14 tracks that run the gamut from dark trap to acoustic emo to bubblegum pop, each cut is just as vast and beautiful as the scenery that the project is based on.

The lead single “YellowStone” sets the tone for the rest of the project thanks to the song’s melancholic guitar riffs and lingering melodies that provide an attractively grim and pensive aesthetic while highlighting both rappers’ graceful lyricism and vocals. Other tracks like “GiddyUp” offer a courageous departure from their expected styles, ultimately serving as a song that allows them to check another multi-genre mashup off of their list.

Every song on this album seems to gift day one fans a refreshing change of pace that still proves both spitters’ flexible capabilities as songsmiths and overall creatives. Finally, the album’s only feature, Xavier Wulf, fits seamlessly into “Whisper” where he delivers a smooth and expressive verse that complements BONES’ and Eddy Baker’s memorable additions. It’s a testament to the chemistry that these artists have built throughout the years, and it’s a trademark example of why you won’t want to miss their upcoming tour.

Jones Peak is a psychedelic expedition that keeps you on your toes, ready for anything as one song ends and another begins. Whether you’ve already had the chance to listen or not, 11 of their 20 North American tour dates already sold out, so it’s clear that fans are eager to see this new project live, so I’d recommend getting tickets as soon as possible. With that being said, get ready to strap in and let BONES and Eddy Baker guide you through the harsh and picturesque terrain of Jones Peak.