JOKER, PT. 2 – D. Savage

I’ve been listening to Los Angeles star D. Savage since his first viral snippet of “I Know” came out during the vine-era, and to see how his work has matured and developed has truly been a pleasure to be a part of. His latest single and video for “JOKER, PT. 2” shows just how well-rounded and generally impressive D. Savage’s work and journey have been.

I’m a little behind on this release, not because I didn’t see the track when it was first dropped, but because I never peeped the visual. This piece specifically has to be one of my favorites he’s released since the drop of his latest project BPL last year. The track itself is a heater, with a unique instrumental produced by Cxdy and FLOWRENCY that had me crinkling my nose at first listen (that’s a good thing). D. Savage floats, using his often-visited electronic filter over his vocals that perfectly mold with this beat.

His lyricism and delivery are things that I’ve witnessed grow more precise and detailed over time, and I think listeners will understand what I mean with this joint.

The video, produced by Auti and Malik, screams luxury, with him flexing designer apparel, expensive jewelry and cars, and several bottles of some unknown medicine. It also features flashy and vibrant transitions and lighting effects that really make all that lavishness pop off the screen.

I’m incredibly hyped to hear his new album on 11/12 titled BULLETPROOFLOVE, and if this track is any sort of preview as to what we can expect, I think it’ll do record numbers.

Peep JOKER, PT. 2 on YouTube below!