Digital Drip EP – [Joey Destino]

Joey Destino’s long awaited follow up to “Bittersweet Epiphanies” comes in the form of his brand new “Digital Drip EP”. This tape shows a huge development in sound for Joey, as he relentlessly spits on accepting himself and being surrounded by people who don’t believe in him. He explains that his adversities don’t matter because he and his close friends are certain they will reach success, his subject matter is definitely relatable. VZN entirely produced this EP, making him a producer to watch for the rest of the year, my sources tell me he has much more heat in store, and he proves he can complete a project with this collaboration.

My favorite stretch of the project has to be the first 3 songs, kicked off with a perfect intro track in “Envy.” Joey’s flow is gritty and felt, that paired with the crisp 808s puts this track over the top. “Wear my heart all on my wrist and started rolling up my sleeve. Parted garments at the seams and let the fabric fall apart; metaphor for all your friends who took off running in the dark,” Joey spits on the hard 2nd verse. On the tune “Jackson Blues,” Joey spits a bit more reflective, but the bouncy beat shows that this duo is talented. The sample at the end brings it home as VZN samples the Jackson Street band that plays on the Jackson L stop, Chicago genius. The third song Marathons is a hit from all angles, it also includes the only feature on the project, that being JayaireWoods. The pair are at the forefront of the Woodside music scene of Chicago and this track proves why Jayaire’s sing song flows compliments Joey’s grit. The production in this right track EP was seamless and fit both artists very well & equally.

Check out Joey Destino’s new project Digital Drip below, and let us know what you think in the comments section.