Jingle Bales (Intro) – [Gucci Mane]

With Christmas just around the corner, no one in the rap game loves celebrating quite like Gucci Mane. He has released entire mixtapes dedicated to the holiday and the big man behind it with East Atlanta Santa 1 & 2, and he just announced that he’ll be returning with the 3rd installment of the holiday classics this Friday.

In order to celebrate and get everyone ready for its drop, he decided to drop a single and a video for “Jingle Bales (Intro)”, which I can only imagine will be the opening track on the project. This song just might be the hardest Christmas song in existence, opening with a classic Atlanta trap beat that quickly introduces sleigh bells along with the melody of “Jingle Bells”. Wop takes this jingle and runs with it on the hook, changing the lyrics to make them his own. In the video, he takes his talents to what looks like a gathering of Santas, and another setting with a bunch of women dressed as more provocative Mrs. Claus’. The entire time, he’s decked out in an all-white fur coat as his ode to Kris Kringle, and he flaunts his wealth extravagantly.

Normally the East Atlanta Santa projects are fun for the season but never really go down as classics as far as other Gucci songs go. After hearing “Jingle Bales (Intro)”, though, I have pretty high hopes that this upcoming edition will change that narrative. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this song goes as hard as a holiday song can, so don’t miss out and get into the holiday spirit below!

Words by Danny Adams