Jewelz – [Anderson .Paak]

There doesn’t seem to be a single musical talent that Anderson .Paak doesn’t possess, and I’m constantly left in shock when I hear any new song from him. His voice is incredible and unique in and of itself, but his artistry goes much deeper than his vocals. His swagger, confidence, positivity, and talents are just infectious, and almost every song he’s ever released is sure to put you in a good mood, possibly even prompting you to get up and dance wherever you’re at.

When I saw on social media that he was in the studio with the legendary producer Timbaland, I knew that they were going to cook up some magic together, and after hearing their song “Jewelz”, my presumptions were absolutely accurate. Timbaland goes to town on the instrumental for this hit, utilizing feelgood strings, quick, uncharacteristic percussion, and calm, blithe drums that create a perfect foundation for Anderson to boast some of his contagious joy and energetic deliveries. The beat doesn’t stop here, though, because Timb adds in additional elements and layers throughout, constantly rotating in new instruments and breathing additional life into the production.

As Anderson begins to sing, his vocals are clearly pitched up which is different from what we’re hearing from him in the past, but it elevates the playful qualities of this track even more. His flow begins consistently with straightforward, melodious lines that are spread apart individually, but .Paak eventually meshes them together with some diverse cadences that show off his talents incredibly yet unsurprisingly. In the hook, the beat really opens up as a groovy bassline is included, helping the record ride out unlike ever before. During this portion, Anderson changes his vocal intonations perfectly, coupling his notes with the instrumental seamlessly.

Certain background vocals that are included heighten the main vocals wonderfully through angelic croons and hums that add in additional carefree, lighthearted vibes. To lead us out of the song, the final post-chorus addition shows Anderson chopping up his words as the second half of certain lyrics echo off into the distance, sweeping listeners off their feet and taking them into the sky, making us feel as if we’re floating in the clouds. At the end of this portion, electronic, filtered vocals that almost sound like they came out of Daft Punk’s laboratory send us on our way. As for the lyrics, Anderson basically praises a beautiful lady that he’s had his eye on, serenading her with his mystifying words and bewildering notes.

Although Anderson .Paak can be looked at as a mainstream radio hitmaker at this point in his career, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. He just has a way of being able to change anyone’s mood and connect with the masses, so if someone can hate on that, then they must just be mad at the world. His enthusiasm is electric, his attitude is absorbing, and his talents are abundant, so I literally can’t think of a bad thing to say about him. Beyond this, he has the incredible ability to adapt to different styles, and each song he releases shows off his dexterity as an artist in the most remarkable way possible. Although this was not at all what I expected from Timbaland, he also adapted to .Paak’s cheerful style and provided the emcee with the perfect production to demonstrate all of his aptitudes, so I couldn’t be any more excited with the outcome and I’m already looking forward to hearing more from this duo. As for now, make sure you brighten your day by tuning into Anderson .Paak’s latest single “Jewelz”.