JETSKI – [Internet Money] ft. [Lil Mosey] & [Lil Tecca]

In the current climate of hip-hop music, I’m not sure if it’s even possible to name a bigger hitmaking compound than Internet Money. After an insanely successful 2020 with the release of their debut album B4 The Storm as well as it’s lead single “Lemonade” spending copious amounts of time at the top of the charts, it seems like there is no way this label could even think about regressing as we move into the new year. What’s even crazier is if their debut was before a proverbial storm, I have no clue how insane the actual storm itself is going to be, but I’m here for it without a doubt.

In order to continue their hot streak into 2021, the collective decided to team up with two individual hitmakers in their own rights with Lil Mosey and Lil Tecca, bringing their latest single “JETSKI” to life while is only going to further the growing legacy that IM has already created for themselves. Beginning with the Nick Mira-produced instrumental, you can hear some distinct, plucky strings mixed in with chattering percussion and thunderously calm drums that combine for a sound that is undeniably going to be the soundtrack for the season as Summer rapidly approaches.

From here, Mosey takes over the chorus and proves why he is one of the most talented hook engineers in the game, delivering some bubbly melodies that are going to resound within your brain for months. When Tecca comes in for the first verse, he brings some trademark enthusiasm to his bars, mixing in a familiar and tuneful sound that is almost a cross between singing and rapping which also brings his versatility into the spotlight. Mosey continues from the hook into the second verse, displaying his calm yet enthusiastic lines that are full of personality and bounce before allowing one more chorus to lead us out of the record.

This record might not display all the insane lyricism and wordplay that these two artists have shared in the past, but its job was to be a hit and that exactly what it is. It’s catchy enough to appeal to all sorts of different crowds and although this shouldn’t surprise anyone after seeing the masterminds behind the track, it’s still unbelievable how they never miss even slightly. They’re also planning on dropping a video at some point today so don’t be shocked to see another article on that in the near future, but either way, I highly suggest checking out “JETSKI” as soon as possible before you get tired of hearing it on every single radio station you turn on within the next week or sooner.