Jay Wood — ‘Late 2 Class’

A recent graduate of Harvard’s No Label Academy, Jay Wood being “Late 2 Class” sees him spending more time “making his own wave.”

Punctual with prose-injected bars on his latest two-pack, both tracks “Reservoir” and “Instinct” are the epitome of the Chicago riser’s brimming talent in all facets; clad with introspective lines, immersive beats and stories that pull you in and have you yearning for more. If it wasn’t evident on he and femdot.’s triumphant “HOMESICK” — where the rapper enlisted an entire marching band to be featured in the visual — Jay Wood is Chicago’s next golden child with the pen to match.

“Reservoir” is the more reserved of the teaser pack, which seemingly alludes to Wood’s next formal project (whenever that’s announced this year *hint hint*). Touting cascading vocal ohms and a head-bobbing, tapped drum pattern, Wood doesn’t give out any hall passes — locking in and tearing off lines about his drive for excellence: “I ain’t never took no for an answer, I can make something shake.”

“Instinct” sees Wood reside in a bombastic, catchy soundscape, which is led by spooky, scattered piano keys and pounding percussion. “I only knew about gangs from my cousin, shit pressed like a button / kinda like a buzzer is,” he spits like rent’s due, as the hook sees Wood drone of a woozy, ominous performance of the “Instincts” needed on the street.

Homegrown and following his intuition, Jay Wood is a warm voice whose timing is his own — regardless if he’s “Late 2 Class.”

Check out the pack below!