Japan – [Te Aly 4300]

Broward County, Flordia rapper Te Aly 4300 makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with a new hard-hitting single entitled “Japan.” The most interesting thing for me in finding new music and artists is probably only half of the music. The other half for me is if they have an interesting backstory to go along with their music or movement. Te Aly 4300 was in drumline throughout high school but she inspires to make music with people such as Young Thug, Trippie Redd and even international artists like Celine Dion. “Japan” doesn’t necessarily reinvent the music wheel, for me, I just think it’s a banger. One thing that does make her stand out is that she isn’t rapping about the same content that a lot of women rappers touch on. So if you’re looking for a small switch up from that content and something to turn up to then “Japan” is a record for you.

Stream Te Aly 4300’s new single “Japan” after the break.