Jaguar – [Supa Bwe]

Chicago OG Supa Bwe has been teasing his loyal fan base with his Jaguar EP for a minute now, and just yesterday he blessed us with the final product! This tape contains a total of eight records and a run time just over twenty minutes in length, and Supa packed quite a few different sounds + styles into it, everything from straight headbangers to euphoric sounding cuts. One thing that we know about Supa Bwe is that he is a groundbreaking talent when it comes to experimenting + finding different styles that are often imitated, an he wasn’t shy of giving us a plethora of unique flows on this project. I would go more in-depth with this tape but I am going to save it for our Top 50 Chicago Projects list that’s just around the corner, plus I need to sit with this one more because it’s just that good. Stream this brand new masterpiece via Spotify below!

Happy (belated) birthday to Supa Bwe from all of us here at Lyrical Lemonade!