Jae Murphy shares the wealth with “R.B.P.B.”

Multi-faceted musician and entertainer Jae Murphy recently released his track “R.B.P.B” or “Rich Black Poor Black,”  a well-crafted tune with the purpose of promoting financial literacy in the community. He’s taken his beats from Howard University to stages all over the world, finding himself sharing the same platform as some of the world’s biggest names in entertainment.

Jae Murphy isn’t just about making the crowd move; he’s about making an impact. Inspired by his friend Luke Lawal’s book on financial literacy (titled the same as the song), this track dives into financial struggles and the root causes of them that many minorities face. Jae’s not just singing about the problem; he’s giving free game on how to combat it.

“I wanted to make a soundtrack that reflects a true depiction of the outlook a lot of minorities have when it comes to finances. I also took the time to give a blueprint on how to save money with a long-term goal of building wealth.”

Though Jae Murphy is on a mission to empower and educate through music, I can’t overstate how good the song itself really is. Produced by the Grammy-nominated duo of Mike & Keys, additionally by MyGuyMars, and bolstered by angelic background vocals from Nefertitti Avani, the song is a well-rounded and attention-grabbing hit. It touches all bases of a foundationally well-made piece of music, and it’s no surprise with the experience and talents Jae has accrued over his career.

Stream “R.B.P.B.” on Spotify below!